Skjelbreid Poirée is looking forward to welcome you and your business in our first class lodge.

Located just 1 hour drive south-east from the city of Bergen and Bergen Airport Flesland in Norway, the place is surrounded by glorious mountains and lovely western Norwegian scenery.

The lodge is built and adapted for conferences, meetings and anniversaries, with modern and bright accomadation in 15 rooms with delicious beds, comfortable lounges, first class cuisine and state of the art conference facilities.

It is decorated to keep the homely lodgefeeling and a relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you are looking for a quiet place for your meeting and teambuilding with World- and Olympic champions as instructors, or a relaxing stay complete with jacuzzi, sauna and first class cuisine with families and friends - or a combination of both - this is the right place for you.

The lodge is available for your exclusive use, with an itinerary that can be tailormade just for you.

Our Parc Aventure offers fun trills like ziplines, mini suspension bridges and a rope course. You can also get an introduction in biathlon.

One of our 4 former world champions; Liv Grete Skjelbreid, Ann-Elen Skjelbreid, Egil Gjelland and Raphaël Poirée participates as instructors on the activities.

Team Skjelbreid Poirée:

The creators behind this consept, are the 4 former world champions in biathlon; Liv Grete Skjelbreid, Raphaël Poirée, Liv Grete´s sister Ann-Elen Skjelbreid and her husband Egil Gjelland.
Liv Grete - and Raphaël, who for years was the strongest competitor to Ole Einar Bjoerndalen - started the development of the biathlon sport as it is today.
Conferences, meetings, team building, anniversaries or weddings - we tailormake a program to suit your event!

Welcome to Skjelbreid Poirée!
Skjelbreid Poirée, the luxury lodge that more and more people are talking about, is nearing its completion and looking forward to welcoming you and your business from the 1st of June 2011. Located in Skjelbreid, the childhood home of biathlon champions Liv Grete and Ann-Elen, the logde sits in the stunning natural surrounding of Hålandsdalen in Fusa.

The lodge is available for your exclusive use with an itinerary that can be tailor made just for you. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay complete with jacuzzi, sauna and first class cuisine: team building with world and Olympic champions as instructors; state of the art conference facilities, or a combination of these, you won´t be disappointed.

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