Are you building a new team og do you need to build stronger bonds in an established team? Are you looking for an experience that takes you out of the regular routines and simultaneously contribute to better communication between your employees? Then Skjelbreid-Poirée is the place for you!

You and your team have the chance to combine a stay with an a unique teambuilding.

Our world champions as instructors:

Our 4 individual world champions have 15 years experience in how important it is to create a good team to achieve success - both individually and as a team. These experienced athletes have put together an exciting program suitable for all types of groups - .. whatever physical level that will suit you.

Parc Aventure:

One of our activities is Parc Aventure, a French climbing park consisting of various balancing- and climbing element. Challenges like going from one tree to another on various obstacles, creep along a rockwall and throw yourself off in our three ziplines - the longest is 400 meters - are something what the park has to offer.
Parc Aventure was built simultaneously with the lodge in 2011. We have expanded - and will expand the park periodically.
The latest additions in the park is a ropeladder that goes 10 meters up in the air, a high hanging tube of 2-3 meters where the participants help each other through - as well as a wire where you have to cross over a water in the shortest possible time. These are obsticles that you have to solve as a team. The activity takes about 2 hours, and has been up till today the most popular activity.


We can also provide an introduction in biathlon, with or without ski. We share the group into teams and ends with a relay with various physical activities. This will give you a feeling what it is like to shoot - both with low and high pulse.
We customize the program for each group, and the activity takes about 2 hours.